Our Services
Film and Photography Production

LUCID EDGE works alongside Communications and Marketing teams to produce the content needed for their Digital Content Packages on Large Construction Projects.

3D Animation

LUCID EDGE has been supplying 3D Animations for BID Submissions for over 18 years. Working with the leading construction companies in Australia, we strive to help you win whilst producing award-winning work.

Creative Direction

Working with other producers and Directors, LUCID EDGE can work in a consultancy capacity on any Animation or Video production at any time. 

Visual Effects for TV and Film

With production experience and onset Supervision. We can help your Production Project gain the invisible seamless effects it needs. 
From camera tracking, and dropping CG into Live Action plates, to greenscreen keying and rotoscoping work. If it’s a design you need,
we can brand your whole project.

TimeLapse Camera Provider

Working with Communications teams within the Construction Industry, we’re one of the leading TimeLapse Camera providers for Construction projects around Australia. With over 100 cameras in the market, our pipeline and interface are seamless. No building is too small, and no road is too long.